General Questions

How do I become an i-Reli user?

Contact your General Agent or register on their web site.

Is there a fee for its use?

There are no fees involved to use the system.

What is the i-Reli Website?

What type of training and training materials can I expect?

User ID's and Passwords will be provided by your General Agent. Training materials are available in i-Reli to assist as needed (see USER TRAINING on the gray tool bar of the home page). If you feel additional training is necessary, please contact your General Agent to set-up a training session.

How long can I submit paper applications after I start to use the system?

i-Reli does not require paper applications, none should be submitted.

20 units are allowed on a single policy.  An application can be processed with up to 20 units, but a Quote can only be processed with up to 10 units.