System Questions

If a user does not use the i-Reli system, how long is the user id remain active?

The user id expires 60 days after inactivity.

If a user actively uses the i-Reli system, how often do they have to reset their password?

The user must reset their password every 90 days.

When there are system upgrades will I have to download new software? Will that affect my stored data?

Updates will be seamless to our users as changes are done on our servers. No downloading or new software is needed. It will not affect any stored data. If an update requires you to log out of the i-Reli System, you will be notified in a timely manner.

How will our office be notified of system upgrades?

On the i-Reli Home Page under the News Section, users are advised of upcoming system changes. Announcements are usually made one to two weeks before the actual change.

Is i-Reli up on weekends so I can bind business on Saturday and Sunday?

Yes, the system is up 7 days a week.

In the event the system is down for an extended period of time due to a disaster, how do I bind business? 

If the system is down due to a disaster for which no moratorium has been put in place, the Company has a procedure in place that will allow the system to continue with little or no inconvenience to you.
In the event of a disaster for which a moratorium has been put in place, your authority to quote, bind, increase or change coverage, amend, reinstate or issue policies is suspended, until advised by the Company. 

Are there any wildcards, for which to do a search?

When searching for a quote, application or policy enter a # followed by only the number of the quote, application or policy. For example, if the number is I46000123, you enter #123. The system will search for any quote, application or policy number containing those numbers.

Will the system time out after a certain time period?

One hour is the maximum amount of time the system is allowed to be idle, not actively being used, before it will time out and eight hours is the maximum amount of time the system will allow an active user to be logged in. If you exceed these times, close your browser down completely, then open a new Internet browser; access our i-Reli site and log back onto the system.

This is the error that corresponds to 2 users accessing the same application/transaction at the same time. The i-Reli system has locked the policy so only 1 user can open a policy at a time. 

Policy forms will appear in i-Reli the day after a transaction is entered in i-Reli.

Yes, a unit can be added at any time with an endorsement.  You will need to process an endorsement and select “Add Unit” from the “Reason” drop down menu.   The effective date will be the renewal effective date of the policy.